Wedding Photography Definitions

By Brian Wilson, Scottish Wedding Photographer, Edinburgh

This page contains definitions of photography terms used in the pricing deals

(1) Standard Photo Processing

Completion of basic toning, colouring and cropping of digital photographs where necessary. Basic spotting and blemish minimisation. Prepare digital photographs for output and printing.

(2) Advanced Photo Processing

Digital photograph enhancement and manipulation, masking, special effects, etc., to selected photographs.

(3) Digital Photograph Formats

S = Standard JPEG Photograph, 150ppi, file size approx 1Mb, suitable for printing up to A4 paper size.  
I = Internet JPEG Photograph, 72ppi, file size approx 250Kb, suitable for upload to Social Networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and others.
H = High Quality JPEG Photograph, 240ppi or higher, file size up to 10Mb, suitable for large format printing & photograph albums.

(4) On Line Wedding Gallery Service

An on-line wedding album and slide-show photography service accessible from the Internet, allows the viewing of your photographs anywhere in the world. Albums may include optional music (restrictions apply). Also incorporates e-Commerce functionality - photography prints of various sizes can be ordered and fulfilled anywhere in the world.

(5) Bellissimo Wedding Album Options

Bellissimo is a custom-built Wedding Album format with many optional extras. Please ask for a brochure.

(6) Wedding Guest Picture Upload Service

Your guests are given access to a free wedding picture upload service where they can provide their best pictures taken on the day. Brian will collate the best of these and will offer the Bride & Groom the option of including them in their Album or DVD.

(7) Prints Included

Some wedding photography package deals include photography prints and others have them as a priced option. Photographs are printed on quality ink-jet photo paper, Fuji, Ilford or equivalent and can be supplied fully matted and mounted at additional cost. Prints can be ordered at any time after shooting.


An exclusive design from Loxley Colour of Glasgow, these luxurious Wedding Albums are designed to accommodate 10” x 10” pre-printed photographs and are available with the option of either 10, 15 or 20 pages. Finished and embossed in black leatherette and offered in an exclusive matching presentation box, there is a small aperture in the front of the album for your favourite photograph and you can choose lustre or gloss finish for your pre-prints.  Artemis is designed for the smaller wedding, is popular and offers great value.
 Artemis Photography Album by Loxley Colour



Also a product from Loxley Colour of Glasgow, Bellissimo Wedding Albums are sought after by the discerning Bride. A hand-designed page layout by the photographer allows creative expression of his intent for the photographs. Digital wedding photographs are printed using a traditional silver process, photographs are printed directly onto the page allowing complete flexibility in design and layout. Spreads are possible - where the photograph extends across the spine of the book - without loss of image. Custom-built page by page, the book-bound Bellissimo Wedding Album can be produced in leatherette, or with an acrylic cover - with your favourite photograph- or with a metal cover. Sizes range from 6” x 6” square up to 16” x 12” books - opening to a size of 16” x 24” pages! Minimum pages are 10 and maximum 40, offering 80 sides. 
Bellissimo Photography Albums by Loxley Colour
Typically, a 40 page Bellissimo can contain 100 - 120 photographs of varying sizes in wonderful layouts. Mini-albums are also available, measuring 4.25“ x 4.25”, these are fantastic gifts for the Bridal Party and are replicas of the main Bridal Album.

Traditional Photo Prints

Traditional photography prints are available for viewing and order via my On-Line e-Commerce System - click the Purchase page on this site. Some photography prints are inclusive in a pricing package. The recommended minimum size to order is A5 (5.5” x 8”) and prints can go all the way up to A2 size (22" x 16"). Larger sizes can be printed through a special order.


Producing a basic slide -show of photographs is fairly straight-forward, but producing a professional DVD for use on domestic DVD players, with music synchronised to the change of pictures, incorporating DVD-Video and elegant fade & zoom effects is a specialised task.  To produce these DVD’s I use a company whose speciality is photography slide-shows. They are available at extra cost on all wedding packages - except Platinum where it’s inclusive.
If ordered in advance of the wedding the DVD can be produced in a relatively short period and can incorporate DVD-Video shot by guests if they upload it to the web-site. Please ask me for more information if you would like a DVD either with, or as an alternative to, a printed Album.