Terms of Business

By Brian Wilson, Scottish Wedding Photographer, Edinburgh.

Package Deals & Prices.

Photography package deals described in this brochure are to assist clients to make informed choices for photography on their wedding day, personal portrait sitting or other event. The content of any package deal is subject to change without notice and potential clients are recommended to contact me here before confirming their choices.


A contract for photography services and package deals will be entered into. The contract will define the terms of the agreement between the Client and Brian Wilson trading as BrianWilsonPhotographer.com.

Client or Customer

The contract client can be anyone, not necessarily the person(s) being photographed. The Client will be responsible for payment, but the photographer can take instructions from anyone authorised by the Client, if not the Client.


A deposit (non-refundable) of 20% will be required to secure the booking. A further 20% deposit will be required on contract signature. The remaining terms of the payment plan will be agreed in the contract. All payments must be made 7 days before the wedding, sitting or event.

Forms of Payment

Major credit card (payments processed via Paypal and may incur a fee) for deposits and/or interim payments. Bank transfers, UK & International accepted. Cash only in exceptional circumstances. No cheques. UK Sterling amounts only, foreign card amounts will be converted by your card issuer.

Ownership of Photographs

The photographer will retain ownership and copyright on all negative or digital negative photographs taken under the contract. The Client will receive an unlimited licence to use their chosen photographs as they see fit. Printed photos will become owned by the Client when paid for.

Digital Formats

The photographer will provide photograph images in digital formats such as JPEG or TIFF on a CD or DVD capable of being read by a computer. RAW format, also known as Digital Negative (DNG), will not be provided.


Prior to the delivery of final, finished photographs, the photographer will provide photo proofs for exclusive viewing by subjects (and client if different) to make their choices. Photo proofs will be representative of the final photographs only. Photo proofs will be provided via this web-site and a private, secure login service.

On-Line and e_Commerce Services

Photographs chosen for viewing on the web site will be secured by a private login unless requested not to. Guests can login and make their own choice of photographs to be printed. Printed photo prices will be agreed in the contract and payment will be made by the guest at the time of ordering. Client Photo Collections will be retained for sale on the web-site for a defined period based on the package chosen by the client. The maximum retention time will be 2 years.

Third-Party Products

I offer products from carefully chosen Photography Third Parties, including Wedding Albums and specialised printing. I only choose partners after extensive testing of their products and services for quality. I will always retain responsibility for the final delivery quality of any product.

Errors and Omissions Excepted. Legalese for, I might have missed something!