Wedding Dresses - Jane Davidson, Edinburgh

By Brian Wilson, Wedding Photographer
Jane Davidson, 52 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EN
Telephone: 0131 225 3280
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"There are no set rules for eveningwear, even black tie nowadays doesn't have to mean long. We say wear what suits you and flatters your body type. If you are petite avoid long, it will swamp you. Go for a little fitted dress. If you have great shoulders, make a feature of them, choose strapless or halterneck. If you are curvy but hourglass try something body conscious. Loads of people are under the misconception that only super skinnies can wear Herve Leger. We say curvy girls look better in them. Why else would Kate Winslet be the poster girl for the brand???"

Caroline wears Jovani by Jane Davidson